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Our flexible subscription model ensures you have access to top-tier engineering solutions exactly when you need it.  

The Menu
Some of the things you can ask us to build.
Conversational AI
BI platform setup
CRM - Platform integrations
Api development and integration
Business logic API
Web scrappers
Search Engines
This it the way
Our process
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1. You tell us what you need

We love when clients come to us with a document of what they expect, this can be a pdf, an excel mocking the desired functionality or a flow chart in the back of a napkin. We are good at reading and translating business needs.

2. We build a roadmap in 48 hours.

We take all your input and ask questions if necessary. Then we divide the request into development units and build a roadmap so you can just focus on value.

3. You approve and tweak

You review the roadmap and make comments, if you decide to change priorities or go for a different tech approach we can adapt.

4.  We build

You will have complete visibility into our tracking system and weekly updates on the progress of the projects overall. We will be available on slack to answer any questions or change priorities.

5. We deliver

You get to test and verify the functionality is up to your expectations. We help you ship and ensure the solutions run smoothly in production.

6. We go again. Or not 😃

You have another request? Great! we will be happy to help. If not you can always pause your subscription and come back when a new project arrives.

Here it is what people ask us most oftenly
Who are you?

Glad you asked. We are a small development team base in México. We have worked across many industries and have more than enough experience building world-class future-ready software. We love challenges and solving problems.

Is there any development work you don't cover?

Yes, we don't do offshoring "as working with your team on tasks you already have on your own ticket system, having stand-ups or joining in some way the flow of your company". We only do encapsulated end-to-end projects that may integrate into your existing product.

How fast will I get results

As everything in life. It depends but here we have some average for projects we have extensively worked on.

Scrapping: 1-3 weeks
Single api integration: 1-4 weeks
BI platform setup: 1-2 weeks
CRM-platform integration: 3-6 weeks
Business logic calculators: 2-4 weeks

Which technologies do you use?

We are specialized on web and mobile technologies. Pretty much anything that can run on a browser or smartphone we can do.

Some tech we use a lot:

Javascript, Python, Flutter, PostgreSQL, AWS, Cloudflare, Headless CMS, React, Svelte.

Can I pause my subscription?

Absolutely. You can pause your subscription at any time and the remaining time will be available as credit to use now or in the future.

The Plan

$6000 USD/mo
Ready to take your engineering projects to the next level? Join Simple Bytes today and enjoy:
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  • High-Quality, Timely Delivery: We ensure your projects are completed on time, every time.
  • Hassle-Free Management: We handle all the project and team management, so you can focus on what you do best.